Demers on Books Rational

Last Thursday, I had a chance to interview Charles Demers, whose book The Prescription Errors is the lastest Wayside Editions title at Insomniac Press. He was (of course) an awesome interview. Earlier this month, when interviewed at This Magazine‘s blog, he had this to say:

“I know one thing I wanted was to write about an intelligent person who doesn’t have money; usually, the kinds of characters who get to have existential worries are middle-class types, while working-class people deal with external challenges, say, oppression by social and natural phenomena.”

We get into class and representation towards the end of the interview — a subject that there’s so much more to say about.

You can hear my interview with Demers below (or subscribe to “Books Rational” through Itunes, and also get older interviews with Hiromi Goto, Aaron Peck, & others).

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