Launches in Montreal and Vancouver

Tonight, Louis Rastelli launches his new novel A Fine Ending (Insomniac Press, 2007). Louis has been doing amazing cultural work out of Montreal for many many years (distroboto, Expozine, Fish Piss). Last spring, Jon Paul Fiorentino (who was the editor of my novel Delible) suggested that we trade off on the fiction imprint he had at Insomniac. So, springtime sees the launch of a book out with Fiorentino’s imprint, Serotonin, and the fall sees the launch of a book out with mine, Wayside Editions.

My plan with Wayside Editions is to focus on exciting first books. Louis was the first of these, and I’m very happy to see this long over-due book come into existence. When I approached him last spring, I had his shorts in mind, those lovely little “true stories” books he’d put out over the 90s, like “Fly vs. Kitten.” Louis, though, had something more ambitious in mind and from the stories I loved and some I hadn’t yet seen, wove together a wonderful novel. If you’re in or around Montreal, don’t miss this launch.

October 23rd.
6 to 10 p.m. (followed by special guest DJs)
Casa del Popolo
4873 St. Laurent

The Montreal Review of Books has a big profile of Louis and his book. Check it out.

If you’re in Vancouver, though, you might want to drop by Spartacus at 7 p.m. and hear Reg Johanson, Larissa Lai, Lora McElhinney, Sachiko Murakami, and Renee Rodin. They’ll be reading as part of the launch of West Coast Line 53: Representations of Murdered and Missing Women.

As for the imprint, next fall will see the publication of a brilliant and experimental novel by Jenny Sampirisi. Can’t wait.

Launch of West Coast Line


Please join us for the launch of …

West Coast Line 53
Representations of
Murdered and Missing Women

Edited by Anne Stone and Amber Dean

With presentations or readings by
Reg Johanson, Larissa Lai, Sachiko Murakami, Lora McElhinney, Renee Rodin, and others…

Tuesday, October 23rd at 7pm
Spartacus Books
319 West Hastings, 2nd Floor
Free! All welcome.

For more information write to

West Coast Line 53: Representations of Murdered and Missing Women

I’ve put up the Table of Contents, the Prefaces (one & two) and the Introduction to West Coast Line 53: Representations of Murdered and Missing Women.

The issue will be on stands (and sent out to subscribers) mid-September.

Thanks to Blaine Kyllo for the layout (minimalist and very elegant). Thanks also to Glen Lowry and Michael Barnholden for their support and hard work.

WCL: Representations of Murdered & Missing Women

The latest issue of West Coast Line will arrive here today. Edited by Amber Dean and me, the special issue looks at representations of murdered and missing women.


In the next week, I’ll put up the table of contents and the introduction. Both Amber and I felt some hesitancy in putting the issue together (a process that’s been two years in the making now), but surveying the works gathered up here, I am very glad we did it.

(Email me for review/desk copies).